Thursday, November 30, 2006

Confederate States Marine Corps

This is a 1/35 scale figure that I am doing for a collector. It is made of Aves and Duro putty. The head is from Tiger Models. The cartridge box and rifle are from Dragon Models 1/35 Union Infantry set. The CS box plate on the cartridge box is from Shenandoah Miniatures. The steps and deck planking are made from basswood, with the railings made from brass rod stock. The only items not attached to the figure are the socket for the bayonet and the rifle sling. The figure was inspired by a Don Troiani painting.

I found that posing a figure going down stairs is not an easy thing to do. My hat is definitely off to those sculptors that are masters at posing figures with a lot of animation. Sorry if the picture is a little dark. Photography is not my strong suit, but I'm learning...slowly.

1 comment:

Jason said...

Gorgeous work, Gary! Can't wait to see him painted.

Love the "snake" buckle. Little details like that will make the figure "pop" over the drab color of his coat.