Thursday, January 18, 2007

4th Battalion close up

The waistcoat became a huge hurdle to get over when I decided to paint it as if it were made from stripped lined or ticking material. The problem was in getting the stripes the right color. The red I mixed kept going on too bright. What made all of this frustrating is if the stripes were not right the entire waistcoat had to be painted over again. On the fourth attempt I arrived at a color that looked very close to what I envisioned.

The face has been far. At this stage it looks considerably older than the original sketch which shows a more youthful face. A little more work will be needed to turn back the hands of time to get a more youthful look.


Jason said...

The vest looks super, Gary! The face is awesome too. I think a more mature face looks just fine. Hope to see it in the flesh soon;)


Peter said...


So, how's the painting coming along? I just recieved a shipment of Gessobord panels, some as small as 5x7....a different kind of miniature!

Have you checked out the Lion Heart Films website recently. They have some cool new stuff.

Talk to you soon,

John Long said...

Really liking the 2d stuff Gary.