Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Confederate States Marine figure finished

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody. Here is a photo of the completed 1/35 figure. The most difficult part of the figure was posing the figure on the steps. My hat is off to those miniaturists that have a knack for animation and interaction between figures in their vignettes. I'm now one step closer to clearing the bench of sculpting projects. The wheels of progress are turning slowly, but at least they're turning.

In addition to painting a few more figure studies, I'm undecided on what to sculpt once the bench has been cleared. Troiani's Revolutionary War book will be out this month so there's that to look forward to for inspiration.


Calvin Tan said...

Hi Gary,

glad to see that the figure is nicely taking shape. I'm very sure that the new Troiani book will spur you to newer heghts.



Gary Dombrowski said...

Calvin, Thank you. I have some new and old subjects I'd like to sculpt. I'd like to choose the ones that offer new challanges that will help promote improvent.~Gary