Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Few for the road

I'll be leaving for Gettysburg shortly and thought I'd post a few old "doodles" for the road.

1. This is one of many sketches I did years ago for a yet to be published article on Confederate battleshirts. This drawing did not make the cut for one of the six color illustrations I eventually got around to finishing. If I did the article today I'd probably do the color illustrations over as they look horrible to me now.

2. My inspiration for these zouaves came from reading about the 9th New York ("Hawkin's Zouaves") at the battle of Antietam. You might also note the heads of Gen. Francis Barlow and Gen. Winfield Hancock among them. NOTE: Somehow I reversed the image by mistake. You'll notice the equipment is on the opposite sides.

3. This last page was done I believe around the time I sculpted the 83rd Pa Vol (hometown regiment) figure for Fort DuQuesne Military Miniatures. The chasseur uniform looks really sharp. I hope to paint a figure study of a soldier in this uniform one day. Sorry, the drawing is pretty light.

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