Wednesday, July 25, 2007

McPherson barn color study

I've decided to change gears and do a small landscape. To possibly save me from trashing another painting I've opted to do a color study of the subject first. The McPherson barn is one of the first things to come into view as you enter Gettysburg on I-30. We are very fortunate to have such a place preserved (for the most part) to honor the men of both sides who fought on the ground of this sleepy little Pennsylvania town in July of 1863. My painting is based on a photograph (a poor one) of the barn I took years ago. The finished painting will be 8 x 10, so I decided to make my study 4 x 5. As with my other paintings it is done in acrylics. I probably did more to this than I should have but it was a fun little project. This color study will serve as a handy little guide for determining the colors to be used.

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