Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sketches and doodles

When I'm kicking around ideas for figures or scenes I often sketch out full or partial figures as well as other little details. Often things such as anatomy and accuracy of uniforms and equipment are not as important as developing the idea itself. The sketches or doodles that follow are fairly old, in some cases 10 or more years. WOW!
1. Is a 2" x 2" head study of an early war Southern volunteer. I was playing around with watercolors in preparation for a series of 6 half figure paintings of Confederates wearing battle shirts for an article a friend had written. There were other practice heads and shirts detail painted on the board this guy is on, most of which I crossed out with black ink as I was not happy with them. Anyway I kept the board it's painted on just for this one head.
2. Is a series of head and partial figure doodles of members of the 20th Maine at Gettysburg. I believe I was inspired by the movie Gettysburg and the heroic stand of the 20th. These doodles were done in the hopes that at some time I
might put together a diorama or painting of my interpretation of this action. The only figure that does not really belong to this group is the Jacobite in the center of the page. Why I drew him I have NO idea.
3. Is a pen and ink drawing of a 120mm 14th Brooklyn figure I sculpted for Fort DuQuesne Military Miniatures way back when. The drawing shows the overall pose as well as the locations of the brass rod used for the armature.
In looking at these older drawings I quickly realized that I am ten times more absorbed with historical details than I was when these were done. I owe most of this to the load of quality reference books and information now available.

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Jason said...

Oh, these are EXCELLENT "doodles", pard!

Your head must be flooded w/ ideas!

Keep'em coming.