Friday, September 14, 2007

A few more older drawings

Here are more older drawings, a few of which I might clean up and make into 8 X 10 figure studies. Most if not all of these were done around 2001-2003. Every now and again i get these bursts of energy (not often) and crank out 5-15 in a few days. Mostly I do 1 or 2 sketches a week if I'm lucky.

1. Rifleman from the 4th Maryland Independent Company, 1776. A painting I did of this unit's drummer was the first or one of the first things I posted on my blog. I think this would make a neat little full color figure study one day.

2. I found this badge on Fort Ticonderoga's website one day and had to have it. Their site made it impossible to save or print so I drew it from the computer. As I wanted the badge to be accurate I placed a grid made from clear plastic on my monitor so I could get the badge exactly as it looked. I then did a detailed drawing in ink on bristol board. This is the pencil drawing with notes I did before the final drawing.

3. Various Revolutionary War cartridge boxes done from photographs of the real thing. I darkened the drawing so it would show better.

4. This was a fun little drawing to do. The original was drawn by Jean Baptiste Antoine De Verger. I did a smaller version of De Verger's drawing with my "modern day" version. It was drawn with a ballpoint pen and I really like how it turned out.

5. Smallwood's Maryland Battalion, Baltimore Independent Cadets, 1776. Here's another drawing I'd like to do a color figure study of. What's interesting is the unit wore a red coat with buff facings. Over this they wore rifle frocks/shirts. I wonder why?lol

6. Another ballpoint pen drawing showing various types of civilian dress.


DeWolfe said...

I agree that the rifleman in sketch#1 would make an excellent colour figure study. I'd also really like to see some more of the civillian types done. Great work all around!

Gary Dombrowski said...

Rob, Thanks.I probably will do more civilian stuff in the future. I'd really like to do some suff showing the wealthier classes as well. There are some great books showing actual garments that are fantastic. The downside is a lot of these are $50+ books and it takes a while to accumulate a decent reference library.

DeWolfe said...

"The downside is a lot of these are $50+ books and it takes a while to accumulate a decent reference library."

Believe me I feel your pain! I've been collecting uniform referance books for over ten years and I still find I need to buy more because I can't find what I need in the books I've already got! The internet helps a bit but I never trust what I find there so cross referancing means I spend twice as long looking for accurate information as I would have on a book. It's definitley a catch-22.