Sunday, September 16, 2007

Painting a Ranger with Photoshop

I'm really impressed with some of the work artists are producing using this amazing program. I decided to "experiment" by coloring in an old sketch done around 2001. Though there are some things that could be improved on I just needed something to throw some color on. The subject is a Ranger, circa 1759, Quebec. The first thing was to put in a color background of sorts to get rid of the white of the paper the drawing was on. I then erased all of the background that covered the figure. The next step was to start blocking in all of the colors that will make up the painting. Each major element has it's own "layer", that way I can for example erase part of the coat without erasing part of the background. Regardless of how this turns out this program is a great way to see what colors will work on a painting without using up paint and wearing out brushes on color studies.

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