Monday, March 3, 2008


I'm slowly (big surprise) making my way through the Drawing on the right side of the brain book. More than anything I'm curious as to how the lessons will (if at all) affect my work. I have a 8 X 10 figure study that I'm working on in order to try and keep my painting relatively fresh. The main thing that is a little disheartening about historical art/illustration is the small number of folks that are interested in viewing, commenting and or buying it. Though I paint for myself first, it is nice to have someone to share it with. I'm also on a steady diet of looking at the work of other artists, especially those that are of the "painting a day" variety. There are some exceptionally talented painters doing everything from landscapes to still lifes. There is not one that I know of that does historical subject matter. I think given the work that is being done today I'd be hard pressed to sell a painting of a revolutionary war soldier on Ebay. On the other hand, paintings of glass bottles and peanut butter & jelly sandwhiches seem to sell really well. Some thought is being given to possibly jumping on the bandwagon if for anything else to make a few coins while I work on improving the technical side of my art as well as it's historical accuracy. Anyway I wanted something to post and this is the feeble result.


Jason said...

I feel your frustration. I wish more people appreciated historical art. Your right, unless you have commercial connections, you'll be hard pressed to find people who enjoy and are willing to buy original art.
I agree with you, paint for yourself first. Thats where the enjoyment is.
You may want to consider going to an art fair, or the like, and display your work. You never know
what subjects may turn some people on. Try a militaria show too. Lots of money walk into those shows.
Above all, don't get discouraged! Keep posting your art, it's inspiring and informative.


Pete said...

Yeah, I've tried the Ebay route without success either. It's a tough gig. You can still paint the just doesn't have to be military. I'm working on some alternative stuff right now. Even still, commercial success is still a long shot. It's still fun to paint though!


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, We have a lot of history here in Erie. There are a number of period buildings, including two lighthouses. We also have the reconstructed 18 gun Brig Niagara that served as Perry's flagship during the battle of Lake Erie. There are several pen and ink prints by local artists that have been done to death. My best bet would be to do local scenes with period clothed figures.It would definitely be a twist on the way it's usually approached here.

Pete, I read an interview with an artist that said the two things that make it hard to sell art on Ebay are

1. Pricing, A lot of people have starting bids that are too high.

2, They have no established customer base, so your left counting on sales from the few folks that stumble onto your auctions. A blog is a great place to start building a client base. My blog needs to be seriously cleaned up as there's a lot of "stuff" that really serves little to no purpose IMO.