Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ansbach-Bayreuth Jaeger, 1777-83,

For me inspiration comes from many sources. It could be a photograph or even a period painting or drawing. The inspiration for this 5 X 7 acrylic "mini" study comes from a scratchbuilt miniature by Jason Whitman. There are about 3-4 of Jason's pieces (so far) that will one day become studies or paintings. Jason has a knack for depicting Revolutionary and Civil War subjects giving them all that period look.Check out Jason's work I'm sure you'll agree with me.


DeWolfe said...

Hey Gary. This is an excellent painting. I think I have a new favourite here!

Jason said...

Wonderful work my friend! I'm honored that you find inspiration from my figures. I hope to own one of your paintings someday.


Pete said...

I have to agree, Gary, a new favorite!


Gary Dombrowski said...

Guys, Thanks for the kind words. I'm trying improve my stuff technically and this quick small stuff fits the bill. I may try to squeeze in one more "mini" before the next big project that is being sketched out. Thanks again, I do appreciate it. ~Gary