Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I wanted to do an illustration but did not have time to do the one I wanted. This old sketch was in a folder of stuff I did when I was into doing gaming type art.

Monday, October 20, 2008

APG Gettysburg "blurbs"

I came up with the idea of doing these mini write-ups ("blurbs" whatever that is) to be posted between information about the Artist Preservation Group's upcoming show in 2009. The first "blurb" is about the group's 2009 preservation/restoration project. Future postings will feature an illustration and write-up about relevant Gettysburg subjects.

Follow the link to the APG blog these will be posted there and not on my blog.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


This brief step by step is for a small painting I did that will be on the Artist Preservation Group's blog. The painting is one of a series of small studies and write ups that will be posted there along with information on the upcoming APG Miniature exhibition in Gettysburg, Pa.

STEP A. All of my paintings start off as thumbnail sketches or drawings to figure out the composition. Since I already had a specific idea in mind I only did one small drawing. Then I proceeded to photograph the composition using a reproduction cup. The photos were then used to paint the items in acrylics on multimedia board.

STEP B. Here is a color photograph of the composition. The cup is an accurate reproduction. Since I did not have a piece of hardtack handy I made one from foam board. I slapped some paint on it and punched in 16 holes like the real thing.

STEP 2B. This black and white photograph was used to prepare the line drawing for the painting. I also use it to see where all of my lights and darks are.

STEP C. The basic line drawing based on the black and white photograph. I scanned this drawing and transferred a reversed version of it to my painting surface.

STEP D. Here is the finished study. I decided to paint a plain flat background verses a more realistic setting.The only drawback is that without any shadows under and around the objects they may appear to be floating.

STEP D2. I decided to use Photoshop to clean up the lower left corner of the hardtack. I thought that it had a bit of a droop to it that bothered me.

Though this is not a very detailed step by step, it should give you a little insight into the process that was used for this piece. I hope to do a much more detailed sbs on a larger piece later.