Monday, February 9, 2009

The red shirt

In addition to issue shirts Federal soldiers also wore various types of contract shirts in order to keep the army clothed. The figure is based on a period photograph with the Sibley tents and drum added to fill out the scene. This 8" X 10" painting was done in acrylics.


Jason said...

Super work Pard! Whats your next subject?

Gary Dombrowski said...

Thanks Jason. What's next? Dunno...something I'll really be happy with. It's very tough sharing the same body with a very harsh critic. lol

The two toughest things right now are developing a style that mirrors the vision in my head. The second is giving all the elements in the painting enough contrast to give it volume. That, and getting things in the background to look distant.I scanned the painting so the coloring looks a bit different than the actual piece.