Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Time to relax

In a week we (the family) head down to Gettysburg for the Artist Preservation Group show. I'm looking forward spending some time talking shop with those I swap posts with on the net. I think it's going to be a great show and will hopefully be the first of more to come.

Though I'm easing my way back into sculpting I could not resist starting a small study. This one is on 6" X 6" gessoed Masonite. It's great stuff, that may one day partially replace the multimedia board I've been using the past few years. If I happen to finish this one I may bring it with me next week.For some reason I have a devil of a time building up the contrast I would like this to have.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

146th New York Volunteer Infantry ("Gerrard's Tigers")

The 146th went of to war in 1862 commanded by Colonel Kenner Gerrard, a West Point Graduate. The regiment was assigned to General Sykes' Division of the Army of the Potomac, a division composed mainly of U.S. Regulars. The 146th was attached to the only brigade of volunteers in Sykes' Division, joining the 5th NY(DuryƩe's Zouaves)and 140th NY(Rochester Racehorses) volunteers. When the two year term of service ended for the 5th NY, more than 300 three-year recruits were transferred to the 146th.In June of 1863 the 146th received the Zouave uniform that would replace the New York State uniform they had been wearing up to that time. It is this uniform that the regiment would be wearing during the battle of Gettysburg.The remain regiments of the brigade would not receive their Zouave uniforms until January of 1864.

When I was knocking around ideas for my donation for the Artist Preservation Group's Gettysburg show in August I settled on painting a Zouave. After seeing studies painted on a artist's wooden palette by Alphonse De Neuville and Keith Rocco, I decided to use the same for my painting surface. The palette measures 13" X 9 1/2".