Friday, September 11, 2009

Time to work

I finally finished this 6" X 6" study of a Union drummer relaxing. It was done on Ampersand Gessoboard which is really great stuff. It's basically masonite with a gessoed surface with a touch of texture. It's great stuff and is a lot stronger than the multimedia board I've been using. I hope to not only give this blog a makeover but start my miniature sculpting blog soon. I have a few projects that I'd like to start, and will once a few other get done. These are a lot closer than they were before. I know I'm slow, but I'll take a snail's pace over none at all at this point.Stay tuned.


Jason said...

Looks great pard!

Do you frame all your studies?


Gary Dombrowski said...

Jason, Thanks. No, I've only framed three of my paintings since I started back to painting three years ago. If not for the APG show I probably would not have framed those. :)

Joe said...

Hey Gary,

Looks nice. Would love to have one of these one day to hang up in the house, next to the Don,Umble and Reeves.