Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Painting workshop

Next month I will be attending a painting workshop being given by Historical Artist Keith Rocco. I had the pleasure of meeting Keith at the APG show in Gettysburg this past August. In addition to being one of the top Historical Artists in the country he's also the most considerate and down to earth person I've ever met. The goal is to work on two pieces over the weekend. In order to dive right into painting each artist (student) is to bring two canvases/ panels with the subject matter ready to be painted. My first subject is a North Carolina Provincial from the 1750s. We're to work no smaller than 12 X 16, which will be the largest I've ever done. That being said this is the largest figure study I've ever drawn. Instead of enlarging a small drawing an enlargement was made drawing it out on a grid. The first photo shows the drawing alongside the black and white photograph it was made from. The second photo shows the drawing head on to better show the figure's proportions. Lastly this will be my first attempt at painting in oils. I plan on doing a full report following the workshop.


Jim Johnston said...

It's about time you applied oils to something flat. This sounds very cool and I am unbelievably jealous.

Jason said...

Very cool pard! I too am jealous. Have a blast for me.

Gary Dombrowski said...

Guys, Thanks I really appreciate it. This is a once in a lifetime type thing, although I hope the opportunity comes around again. Keith is the only historical artist I know of that has done this type of thing. I really think this speaks volumes of Keith, not only as an artist but to the type of person he is as well. ~Gary