Thursday, November 12, 2009

A little pick me up

This is not a subject related post, it's more of a heads up. I really enjoy and appreciate folks leaving comments on my blog. I do not however need folks posting comments where they are trying to sell me Viagra. Fortunately I am not yet at the age where I need something to get my mojo back. I hope this added feature does not prevent anyone from commenting. That being said I'm adding a word verification feature to my comments section. Hopefully this will solve the problem.


Jason said...

I guess I've been lucky. No such messages on my blog yet. When did this start?

You said "mojo". LoL!!!

Gary Dombrowski said...

It started earlier this week. There was also this wierd rambling comment that made no sense what so ever. Hopefully this is solves the problem.

Yes, I said "mojo". It sounded like the right thing.