Monday, July 12, 2010

Drawing finished

Here's the finished drawing. I'm going to have to study up on photographing drawings, especially those with a white background. I shot this out side and it still seems a bit dark.

In two days Ill be able to walk over the same gound that the "color episode" of the 149th took place on.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Color Corporal Henry Spayd, 149th Pa Vol. "Bucktails"

I'm currently working on a pencil drawing of Color Corporal Henry Spayd of the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry of Stone's "Bucktail" brigade. This drawing will be part of my display at next week's Artist Preservation Group miniature and art exhibition in Gettysburg, Pa. The APG sponsored the conservation of a flag from the 149th that will be unveiled in Gettysburg next Friday. To read about Spayed and the episode involving the colors of the 149th read HERE. Though I plan to do an oil painting of Spayed I'm going to settle for bringing the drawing instead. The Summer heat and wanting to get the painting right instead of rushed brought about the idea of bringing the drawing instead.

Here is a detail shot of the drawing. I was a bit concerned about the likeness as there is only one period photograph of Spayd that that I'm aware of. The discovery of a Grand Army of the Republic medal with Spayd in relief has me feeling a little better about his likeness.

I plan on doing more drawings and or paintings of the 149th Color Guard and the incident that happened on July 1, 1863.