Friday, November 12, 2010

Tis the season

I'm long overdue posting some new art. I have a few paintings at various stages of completion that need to be resumed...shortly. Since Christmas is right around the corner I feel like doing an illustration to use for an online Christmas card of sorts. I actually was going to do this last year but time was running too short. Originally the figure was going to depict an Eastern Indian dragging a small pine tree that had just been cut down. I've decided to make him a French Canadian militiaman from around the 1750's instead. Here's the rough concept of the figure (below).

I have another sketch of a French Canadian walking in the snow with a puppy running alongside him. I may add him to the figure here as a cute little touch. Here's the concept figure with some type tohelp better visualize my idea.

Next up will be a much more refined drawing that will then be transferred to a piece of board for painting.

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