Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Manassas Commemoration is history

I'm finally settling back into my normal routine following the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Manassas or Bull Run, depending upon which side of the Mason Dixon line you live on. Over 8,000 reenactors/ living historians gathered to commorate one of the first (don't forget Big Bethel) land engagements of the Civil War. The weekend was characterized by EXTREME heat and humidity which curtailed physical activity. There were some great historical impressions to be seen with several units making the effort to represent those standout units that fought at the battle. Unfortunately I did not take very many pictures as keeping cool and hydrated was the order of the day all day. The weekend did leave me with not only a deeper appreciation for the men that not only fought that day but the entire course of the war.

Fire Zouaves sit and relax before battle Saturday morning.
Note they all wear red overshirts. Civilian shirts as well as
Federal issue donnet flannel were also worn.

The front of the Fire Zouave's shebang denoting members
of the Columbian Engine No. 14. residing inside. This Engine
 Company had the largest number of members of any other
Fire company in the Fire Zouaves.


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