Friday, July 15, 2011

Fire Zouave Uniform

It will be interesting to see the multitude of uniforms representing both sides that will be at the 150th (anniversary) Commemoration next week. It's interesting to ponder the confusion that took place at times with each side wearing essentially the same uniforms in certain cases.

Pictured above is a red wool flannel over shirt with a black
neckerchief with a Firemen's badge.Topping it off is a red
and blue kepi. The kepi would also have a Company
letter, in this case E with "1Z"standing for "First Zouaves"
 under the Company letter. I'll be adding mine at the event.

When Elmer Ellsworth Recruited his regiment in New York City he was specific as to the type of men he wanted for his regiment. "I want the New York Firemen," Ellsworth said, "for there are no more effective men in the country, and none with whom I can do so much. They are sleeping on a volcano at Washington and I want men who can go into a fight now." Given the large number of Firemen in the ranks, many took to wearing their badges on their uniforms. It's those little touches that help to make a uniform stand out. That little touch has been added to today's Fire Zouaves.

Fifty reproduction badges representing
Columbian Hook & Ladder Co. 14 were
specially made for the event.

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