Saturday, September 29, 2012

A different kind of painting

The 150th commemorations of the Civil war are something I really wanted to take part in. So far I've refought (loosely) the 1st Battle of Bull Run as a member of the 11th NY, or 1st Fire Zouaves. A few weeks ago I marched with the 11th Pennsylvania Reserves at the 150th Commemoration of the Battle of Antietam. The years 1863-1865 (or 2013-2015) will see me largly serving in the ranks of the 146th New York volunteer Infantry. Our particpation in the 150th of the Battle of Gettysburg will see the 146th uniformed in zouave (more correctly Tirailleurs Algeriens: Algerian Sharpshooters) attire. A lot of research has gone into the reconstruction of these uniforms. With that being said we want to give equal attention to the regimental flags.

Currently I'm preparing the art that will become the full size stencils to paint the regimental flags. Since I've never painted on silk before I thought best to practice painting different elements of the flag first. The eagle of the regimental flag will be a fairly involved project. what makes it challenging is that I will have to paint this image twice. Stars are also a large part of both flags so I've painted several already with more to go. I just finished painting the eagle's head and will do a few more elements to get an idea of what's ahead of me.

The stars are really gold but photographed yellow for some reason.

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